Rachel Haddow

Primary Teacher

St. Aidan's Primary

  • Health & Wellbeing

What Happens When Guided Meditation is Used in the Classroom After Break Times?


A child’s wellbeing is an important factor in their development and can be a barrier to learning. Children can have barriers to their learning such as emotional, social, learning difficulties and the socio-economical state of their mind (Cremin and Arthur (2014). All of these barriers can influence a child’s wellbeing both in and out of school. The Scottish government have advised that children who live in deprived areas are more likely to suffer from social and mental health issues and have directed that schools use the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) to identify and target children from deprived areas to receive additional support and nurturing to help them perform within the classroom. The Scottish Government (2014) have explained that they are intending to close the gap of achievement and attainment and health and wellbeing with the hope that this will reduce the inequalities in economic, social and mental health in children. Camahalan and Ipock (2015) found that meditation breaks led to a much calmer classroom and created a more focused learning environment for all students. The focus of this practitioner enquiry was to assess if introducing guided meditation in the classroom would have an impact on pupil focus. It is also hoped that improvement in pupil focus will then lead towards improvement throughout all areas of the curriculum and act as a driver towards closing the poverty related attainment gap.


The aim of this enquiry was to determine if guided mediation after break times had an impact on pupil focus in the classroom. Within the classroom there was a mix of boys and girls who at times find it hard to concentrate and settle. The children were working on developing their co-operative learning skills. I planned to use different meditation videos within the classroom with the hope it would improve focus and let the children have time to reflect and evaluate their actions. I also evaluated if it would create a calm learning environment.

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