Rachel Maguire

Physical Education

Brannock High

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

To what extent do informal drop-in sessions help to improve student engagement across digital learning?


The current CODID-19 pandemic had changed the way we as teachers deliver teaching and learning, inspiring us all to seek out innovative practices that ensures a quality practice within a digital learning (DL) environment. The closing of schools back in January 2021 has led to the following research into relevant assessment strategies that will increase engagement during these unprecedented times. In order to understand how to best support pupils, it is crucial that teachers monitor the progress made to ensure they can be effective in their approach (McLean, 2003). The shift to home learning has proven unfamiliar and challenging for many pupils within my School, it is a concern for all teachers especially when a lack of engagement is apparent, therefore, further research into how this could be improved underwent.

Assessment is for learning strategies (AiFL) can be applied to increase student engagement as it focuses on the improvement of teacher practice that supports pupil learning (Hopfenbeck, T. 2020). By applying real-time feedback teachers can impact on pupil learning and achievement (Hattie and Timperley, 2007). It is important that effective questioning and dialogue between teachers and pupils, as well as between themselves, is present in the learning environment. Dialogue creates a legitimate space in which the pupils feel confident about their presence in the classroom (Dweck, 2012). My enquiry group want to create a space for pupils that would provide immediate feedback within a home learning environment and additionally look directly at how informal dialogue could impact their overall engagement and encourage them to feel more motivated and responsible for their learning at home.


This Professional enquiry aims to provide a safe space for s1 pupils to chat to their friends and teachers in weekly drop-in sessions. This will happen every Tuesday during their registration period (period 5). It is an informal session where pupils are not required to bring any work but instead are encouraged to chat about their week.

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