Rachel Marshall

Primary Teacher

Thornlie Primary

  • Growth Mindset

What Happens When I Celebrate Effort In My Classroom?


Growth mindset was a particular interest among this group and is a prevalent topic in education. The National Improvement Framework (2018) aims to improve children and young people’s mental health and well-being. As a practitioner, there is a heavy responsibility to ensure children and young people reach their full potential. Therefore, it is clear there is an emphasis on children and young people’s mental health. The interest for this topic stemmed from observations from personal classroom practice. Among our group, we noticed there are children in the classroom who lacked motivation when it came to participating in every day classroom routines and discussions. Therefore, as a group, the aim was to measure the impact of introducing growth mind-set into the classroom and the effect this had on children’s attitude towards their work.


To identify what happens when we celebrate effort in the classroom during literacy sessions and record the impact upon a mixed ability group.

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