Rachel McGoldrick

Primary Teacher

Stepps Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Using Microsoft Teams meetings to increase children’s engagement with digital learning


Microsoft Teams is a digital hub utilised by most schools across Scotland to deliver digital learning to pupils (Biddle, 2021). This platform has most recently been used to create collaborative classrooms, communicate with school staff, and provide live learning lessons to pupils. Each school must consider the multiple contextual factors to provide pupils with effective teaching beyond the classroom. Learning remotely can pose many difficulties for pupils and teachers. Raising pupil engagement and maintaining this can be particularly challenging for all (Dewan, Murshed and Lin, 2019).  

Carol Dweck’s work seeks to provide insight as to how teachers can have an influence upon engagement and motivation by supporting and scaffolding learning. Thus, enhancing pupil confidence (2015). John Hattie supports the importance of pupil engagement in their learning to achieve and maximise the impact on learning (2012).  

Additionally, there is a significant stress on the value of assessment and how a pupil’s understanding and learning can be detected via digital platforms. This heightens the importance on the quality of teaching digitally to not only engage pupils in their learning but to assess their progress throughout (Scottish Government 2021). 

Digital learning has been a major focus this year and in the forefront of learning with the closure of schools at the beginning of 2021. I have chosen this enquiry to focus on the use of Microsoft Teams during digital learning as this has been a fundamental platform to deliver meaningful lessons, contact children and provide feedback on their work.  


The aim of this enquiry was to evaluate the use of Microsoft Team meetings to engage children in Digital Learning. It measured the levels of engagement in Digital Learning. It looked at the opportunity to provide children with real time feedback and support for learning. 

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