Rachel McNamara

Primary Teacher

Ladywell Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Do live sessions during online learning promote pupil engagement?


Since March 2020, there have been substantial changes to the way that education has been delivered due to the global Coronavirus pandemic and the closure of schools across the world. The schooling system has had to drastically change to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions whilst ensuring that students are still able to continue their learning. Students and educators all over the world have turned to learning and teaching online. However, an online learning environment comes which a huge number of challenges for many people.  

Following extensive discussions, it was decided to focus this enquiry on engagement in an online setting. This agreement was reached, as it was evident that pupil engagement across all classes was varied. In addition to this, it was noted that engagement of pupils from SIMD areas 1-3, tended to be lower of those pupils from more affluent areas. 

As this is still an ongoing situation, there is very little data highlighting the impact that COVID-19 has had on education. However, recent exam results data from the UK has highlighted predicted grades of pupils from disadvantaged areas were lower than the grades of pupils from advantaged backgrounds (Burgess & Sievertsen 2020).  In addition to this research suggests that there is concern that pupils from disadvantaged areas who would normally attend school, are less likely to engage with remote learning (Lucas, Nelson, & Sims, 2020). 


This study aims to investigate whether or not the use of live and pre-recorded lessons in an online learning environment, has an impact on engagement. It was hypothesised that the use of live and pre-recorded lessons would increase engagement.   

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