Rachel Petale

History & Modern Studies

Caldervale High

  • Growth Mindset

What happens when we embrace mistakes as part of learning?


Increasing Growth Mindsets in young learners has been at the forefront of educational discourse for many years. When considering a research topic that could be conducted in a meaningful way, Growth Mindset was a topic that continued to arise throughout discussion. As a result, my group and I decided to develop the Growth Mindset of our young learners with a particular focus on embracing mistakes as a part of learning. The fear of making mistakes is often associated with shame and can stop learners from giving something a go. It is important to embrace these mistakes and use them as learning opportunities, rather than feeling embarrassed about them (Warren & Hoskins, 2012). In order to enhance my understanding of Growth Mindset I engaged in research conducted by Carol Dweck who views Growth Mindset as a tool to enhance learning and success (Dweck, 2006).


The aim of this enquiry was to evaluate the impact of embracing mistakes as part of learning. By implementing Growth Mind Set strategies, I aimed to improve pupils’ confidence in engaging in classroom discussions and answering questions in class, understanding that pupils can learn from mistakes.

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