Rebecca Marshall


St. Margaret's High

  • Growth Mindset

The Use of Verbal Feedback on Pupil Confidence in the Classroom


Carol S. Dweck (2007) states that, “there was wide agreement about the number one ingredient in creative achievement, and it was the kind of perseverance and resilience produced by the Growth Mindset.” Growth Mindset is the ideology that any basic ability can be developed with hard work, and within the classroom, this is an integral attitude to promote. McLean (2003) affirms this by stating, “A more robust confidence is nurtured in classrooms that convey that ability can grow”. This enquiry will focus on Growth Mindset by looking at the result of live feedback on pupil confidence within the classroom. Verbal feedback is a part of every teacher’s classroom dialogue, and utilising this to impact pupil confidence is a concept that could be beneficial in the journey to creating a Growth Mindset environment.

Feedback is a vital factor within education as it promotes growth and development. There are many forms of feedback; however, this enquiry will determine if there is an effect as a result of instant verbal feedback. Instant feedback is embedded within teaching through verbal communication with students. One of the most effective strategies of giving feedback to students is through using a timely and punctual approach, in order for the pupil to take the feedback on board, and begin to act upon it whilst it is still fresh in their head. (Nuthall and Alton-Lee, 1997) Therefore, feedback and assessment approaches should be carried out at the earliest stage in order to enrich learning promptly, rather than feedback being delivered and actioned too late, when it won’t have the most effective impact upon the pupil’s progress. This enquiry will establish this approach to feedback within a Music Performing class environment, where it will explore the result this method has on pupil confidence levels.


The aim of this enquiry was to monitor the impact instant verbal feedback has on pupil confidence in the classroom.

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