Rebecca Peat


Bellshill Academy

  • Digital Learning: Methodologies

What happens when Bloom’s Taxonomy is introduced to online learning?


Bloom’s Taxonomy is a pedagogical approach which puts emphasis on a Higher Order
Thinking and questioning in order to evaluate their learning and how it is progressing
(Bloom, 1956). It is interpreted by everyone differently but can be generalised into six levels
of learning. This can help teachers with tracking of pupil’s’ progression as the levels show an
advancement of their learning (Zapalska, et al., 2018). The questioning covers a range of
skills for the subject from basic recall, analysing concepts to creating their own ideas
(Bogdanovich, 2014). In a period of online and independent learning, pupils have more
control of their learning path and introducing Bloom’s gives a structured idea of how to
progress in language learning and to experience Higher Order Thinking (HOT) (Anderson
and Krathwohl, 2001).


The aim of introducing Bloom’s Taxonomy is to see the impact it has on pupils and their

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