Robert McLean


Dalziel High

  • Growth Mindset

The Use of Verbal Feedback on Pupil Confidence in the Classroom


Assessment, whether it be formative or summative, is a vital part of education. As a consequence of this pupils must receive feedback to evaluate their level of understanding of content that has been assessed. This feedback can either be delivered in a verbal or written format. It has been established that receiving positive verbal contact can lead to improved motivation and confidence in learners (Dweck, 2007). The challenge for teachers is making sure that this feedback is always constructive and positive manner which can boost the confidence of the young person. Alan McLean inferred that the majority of pupil motivation comes from themselves and that their level of confidence is linked to their motivation to succeed (Mclean, 2003). This raises the question of how important positive verbal feedback can be on the learning of pupils.


The aim of this enquiry was to evaluate how verbal feedback, through 1 to 1 conversations, influences the confidence of an S.3 class in the classroom. More specifically the enquiry looked at how comfortable pupils were asking for help during class and if asking for help more often improved their understanding of course material.

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