Robyn Maxwell

Primary Teacher

Glengowan Primary

  • Growth Mindset

What Happens When Mistakes Are Celebrated In The Classroom?


Mistakes are often seen as a weakness within the primary classroom and children seem to adopt a fixed mindset when mistakes arise. Children seem to have a lack of motivation and low self-esteem when mistakes occur in their work and see themselves as a failure. Boaler (2015) highlights that mistakes are growth opportunities and should be encouraged in the classroom to challenge and motivate learners. Motivation has been closely related to growth mindset (Mclean, 2003). He suggests it is important that children’s motivation is achieved through positive relationships with their teacher as well as developing responsibility within the school and classroom. Dweck (1986) states that motivation has a huge factor within growth mindset and by taking more responsibility in their learning, children can become motivated and think positively. Therefore, it is important that a classroom environment is created where mistakes are encouraged and children can develop resilience, motivation and challenge themselves to progress further in their learning.


The aim of this enquiry was to discover the impact on children’s learning when mistakes are celebrated in the classroom. It was also to encourage children to think more positively when making a mistake and highlight the benefits of making a mistake.

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