Ronan Fitzpatrick


St. Maurice's High School

  • Assessment For Learning

How do different plenary approaches affect learning outcomes?


My decision to conduct this enquiry was based on a number of factors. Firstly, as a newly qualified teacher I feel that having structure in my lessons is very important. All lessons should have a structured beginning, middle and end as this helps raise achievement for pupils (Smith, 1985). Furthermore, through observations in my probation year it has been highlighted to me that I should think about how I know pupils have achieved their learning intentions at the end of lessons. Finally, the Curriculum for Excellence places a high level of importance on Assessment is for Learning, with the aims of this strategy to improve attainment for all pupils, and to develop teachers’ skills to ensure ‘their judgments (on pupils’ progress) are dependable (Scottish Government, 2005). The focus of this enquiry therefore is to use the plenary strategy of exit passes in class to assess the impact it has on achievement of the learning intentions. Exit passes in particular were used as they encourage students to take ownership of their successes and achievements in class (Fisher and Frey, 2004).


  • To analyse the impact the use of exit passes has on pupils’ achievement in class.
  • To observe any changes in pupils’ motivation during enquiry period.
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