Ruth Wilson

Primary Teacher

Mossend Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What Impact Do Show-Me Boards Have On Learning In My Classroom?


It is vital that professional development is continuously undertaken in the teaching profession, to ensure that practitioners are meeting the diverse needs of their pupils and have a constant focus on raising attainment. Wiliam, 2009 highlights that to be ‘serious about raising attainment. We have to create classrooms where participation is compulsory.’ It is therefore imperative that classroom tools, which allow this participation to evolve, are researched to inform future practice in tackling the attainment gap. Formative assessment is a strategy which allows this to happen and one which enables teachers to immediately determine pupil engagement and understanding. One method of formative assessment which endows active pupil participation is the “show-me” board. It is a frequent tool implemented by many teachers and will be the focus of this research.


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate what impact “show-me” boards have on learning and pupil engagement in the classroom.

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