Sally Stewart

Primary Teacher

Stepps Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when learner diaries are introduced in the classroom?


This research was chosen as, during professional discussion, self-assessment was an area in which all group members felt that learners could develop further. With the view that taking responsibility for and control of their own learning, strategies for encouraging learners to assess their own effort, understanding and progress should be introduced as early as possible. Linked to the four capacities encapsulated in the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), in order to become a Successful Learner, offering experiences in which ‘every learner will be encouraged to develop an understanding of their own learning styles, and to reflect on how they learn best (North Lanarkshire Council, 2017). This was of particular interest as, from observation in the classroom, learners nearing the end of primary education displayed a wide range of reflective responses when completing self evaluating activities. Considering different ways to evaluate and develop learners’ reflective practices regarding their learning, it was considered that a form of written record would be suitable for the range of learners involved. A form of learning journal was considered appropriate as there are many purposes for learning journals, including ‘to increase active involvement in, and ownership of, learning’ and ‘to increase ability in reflection and thinking’ (The Centre for Teaching and Learning, 2003).


This enquiry hopes to explore whether learners demonstrate a developing awareness of their progress, identifying areas in which support or challenge would be beneficial to them. In developing awareness, rather than merely summarising the lesson, are learners able to reflect on their own progress and learning during the activity? When identifying next steps, are learners recognising activities suitable to their progress? For example, if finding a particular area challenging, are the next steps concerned with revisiting that area?

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