Samantha Clarkson


Coltness High

  • Assessment For Learning

The Effect of Instant Verbal Feedback on Pupil Learning


Feedback was chosen as a main area of focus for this enquiry to confirm its importance and value to a pupils learning experience. Feedback has been highlighted to have a vital role in the progression of lessons. Instant verbal feedback can be used to praise pupils in real time within a lesson. Instant feedback is a positive form of feedback for both pupils and teachers. Verbal feedback is the only feedback that allows pupils to have an immediate response and ask any follow up at the same time. These follow up questions can help to further increase pupil understanding which contributes to their overall learning. Feedback from both pupils and teacher can help to increase the progression of understanding. (Tovani. 2012) Without feedback from pupils, teachers cannot accurately guide their learning. Similarly, pupils require feedback from teachers to navigate through their studies. (Wiliam. 2017)


The aim of this practitioner enquiry, was to determine the outcome the impact of instant verbal feedback had on pupil learning

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