Samantha Duncan

Primary Teacher

Rochsolloch Primary School

  • Assessment For Learning

What Will Happen When I Introduce Plenary Activities in the Classroom?


The research group decided on Assessment is for Learning (AfL) as the broad focus for research and chose plenary activity as the aspect of teaching and learning to be explored in more depth. The group agreed that plenary activity was always part of daily lessons but felt the pupils’ responses and assessment information gathered during the plenary was often rushed and not utilised effectively. Gipps, Hargreaves and McCallum (2015) highlight that the plenary session facilitates discussion which allows the teacher to quickly gauge the pupils’ understanding of the learning intentions and identify areas where further clarification is necessary. The research group wanted to investigate how observing pupils during the plenary session and gathering pupil responses would influence teaching and learning. A ‘Twitter’ board was chosen for this particular study to engage the pupils.


The aim of this Practitioner Enquiry was to investigate what impact plenary activity had on teaching and learning within a primary 7 class.

This enquiry aims to assess how using plenary activities to evaluate pupils learning impacts on subsequent planning and teaching.

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