Samantha Easton

Primary Teacher

Muir Street Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When I Provide Immediate Feedback In The Classroom?


From the outset, Growth Mindset was an area that my group felt very passionate about. It was evident that all group members had experiences where pupils were anxious about making mistakes, getting their work wrong, and as a result had suffered in silence due to the uncertainty of how to ask for help. We felt that it was important to change the mindset of pupils when completing tasks, and discussed ways in which we could provide pupils with a positive outlook. The importance of effort and perseverance whilst completing tasks was a key factor in our Growth Mindset study.

The focus in my school just now is nurture and breaking down the barriers to learning. Many children in the school require emotional support and the holistic approach I take in my class, ensures a safe and supportive environment. When pupils feel safe and secure in their learning environment then pupil motivation and attainment will increase. Brock and Hundley (2016) state that for pupils to adopt and apply the growth mindset messages that are being taught, they must have a strong trusting relationship with their teacher. Pupils’ mindsets will be able to thrive in a nurturing classroom and this is where pupils will be able to comfortably make mistakes in their learning, feeling confident to challenge themselves. William (2009) states that by providing immediate feedback, pupils can move forward with their learning.

I wanted to investigate what would happen if I provided immediate feedback to pupils. Would it change their perspective on their work and encourage them to challenge themselves further, and would they feel a positive attitude towards learning?


The aim was to conduct a small-scale classroom-based enquiry which would identify if providing immediate feedback to pupils in numeracy tasks would change their mindset, increase motivation, self-esteem and overall confidence.

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