Sara McDonald

Primary Teacher

Stane Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

How Does Traffic Lighting Influence Pupil Learning?


In Scotland, the use of formative assessment to support individual learners is an integral part of Curriculum for Excellence (The Scottish Government, 2011). Research carried out by Williams and Black (1998) reinforces the usefulness of formative assessment, and in particular self-assessment, in education to help children reflect on their work and identify their next steps in learning. The notion that learners should be more responsible for evaluating their own learning is mirrored in Scottish Education. The ‘Building the Curriculum 5 a Framework for Assessment’ document highlights the importance of self- assessment in enabling children to evaluate their own work and to promote greater breadth and depth in learning (The Scottish Government, 2011). As self-assessment is considered a valuable learning tool in Scottish Education, this enquiry seeks to further explore the influence which self-assessment has on pupil learning. This will potentially provide learners with the opportunity to review their own work and to inform and improve their future learning.


The purpose of this practitioner enquiry is to investigate the influence which traffic lighting, a method of self-assessment, has on children’s learning during Taught Writing lessons. The enquiry aims to focus on how children use traffic lights to inform their next steps in learning, and to improve their subsequent pieces of work.

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