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  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

What happens when exit tickets are used in the online classroom?


Formative assessment has become an integral part of the framework for the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland which has been described as a “formative curriculum”. The benefit of Assessment is for Learning (AifL) and formative assessment principles used in education has been widely publicised and its strategies adopted by countries worldwide, including Scotland. (OECD, 2005)

The use of exit passes is an established AifL technique. Pupils are asked to reflect on their learning through questions posed to them typically at the end of a lesson. (The Teacher Tool Kit) The practitioner inquiry group agreed that exit passes were an effective AifL strategy they were all familiar with and used in classroom-based lessons and therefore suitable for this study.

At present Scottish education is being faced with many “great challenges” (Education Scotland, 2021) the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has forced schools to move from traditional classroom-based teaching to online learning. Being able to assess pupil understanding remotely is one of many challenges being faced by teachers.

Considering both the importance of AifL in Scottish Education and the need to investigate effective strategies for dealing with the challenges of online learning, the practitioner inquiry group decided it would be a useful endeavour to investigate the suitability of introducing exit passes into this new online learning environment.


The aim of this inquiry was to investigate the impact of introducing digital exit passes to lessons during a period of online learning.

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