Sarah-Lee Reid

Primary Teacher

Newarthill Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when I introduce pupil-led plenaries into the classroom?


Assessment is an integral part of learning and teaching. It helps to provide a picture of a child’s progress and achievements and to identify next steps in learning. Assessment approaches need to promote learner engagement and ensure appropriate support so that all learners can achieve their aspirational goals and maximise their potential (Scottish Government, 2005). Black and Wiliam (1998) assert that formative assessment has more effect on teaching and learning than any other factor. The use of plenaries is one approach to formatively assess learning. Not only can pupils identify what they have learned through plenaries, but also importantly they can identify what skills they have used to achieve the intended learning (Fisher, 2002). The aim of this inquiry is to investigate if pupil-led plenaries, instead of traditional teacher-led plenaries, lead to increased pupil engagement.


The aims of this practitioner inquiry are to introduce pupil-led plenaries into the classroom and to assess whether pupil-led plenaries affect pupil engagement.

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