Sarah Wanless

Primary Teacher

Cumbernauld Primary

  • Behaviour Management

How Does Using Class Dojo Affect Pupil Behaviour In Broad General Education Classes?


The chosen topic for this particular enquiry is to find ways to investigate the benefits of using a Class Dojo with regards to behaviour. Class Dojo is an online reward system for classes where each pupil is given an icon and points can be added for personalised targets, e.g. sitting ready to listen or tidy work space. It is a strong interest for our group members because as teachers we are always seeking ways to improve whole class behaviour as this can often impact learning. The idea of incorporating the use of technology into the enquiry was favourable as this is becoming a more widespread aspect of teaching across schools in Scotland. Not only is Class Dojo used in Scotland, but in-fact all over the world and there have been many positives regarding behaviour that has come from the introduction of this reward system. Singer, N. (2014) states ‘Educators believe those kinds of incentives are useful in encouraging young children to modulate their behaviours – and could help them in the long term develop self-motivation necessary for life-time learning’. This statement further solidifies the idea that the use of a Class Dojo is a positive use of incentives to promote engaging and progressive learning attitudes within classroom, no matter which way the teacher uses the system.


The aims explored within this investigation will be:

  1. To track and observe behavioural changes (before and after) the introduction of a Class Dojo.
  2. To examine the impact of using the Class Dojo on reducing distracting behaviours in class displayed by pupils by gathering a daily number of times a disruption has affected the whole class learning.
  3. To reduce behavioural distractions during class time by introducing the (Class Dojo) reward system.
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