Scott Brankin

Technological Education

Caldervale High

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

What is the effect of games-based learning on pupil engagement?


The move to remote learning during the Covid-19 pandemic has brought challenges that we face as teachers into the digital environment. Given the spotlight on education in this new landscape, it has been a focus for local authorities to track and monitor engagement levels. In a standard classroom, engagement is simple to monitor, any educator will be able to identify those who are becoming disengaged from the lesson, and intervene. Most teachers would also agree that there are multiple reasons as to why the disengagement can happen in the classroom, there could be an external influence such as another learner, or it could be internal, such as finding the task challenging. These influences on the learner can normally be identified within the classroom and can be resolved with the appropriate intervention. However, in the current situation, this is not a simple task. Being unable to interact with the pupils and identify pupils who may become disengaged from the lesson is an issue that many have found remote learning challenging. It is thus crucial, that we explore different teaching methods throughout remote learning to understand how we can improve engagement and overall attainment. There are theories that games – based learning will improve engagement and has been identified as a positive teaching method (Tang, et al. 2009).


The aims of the project are to identify ways in which engagement levels, during remote learning, can be improved through the implementation of different teaching techniques and adapting them to the remote learning setting. If there is a correlation between implementing these techniques and an improvement in engagement, then identifying the factor that brought about this result is important to understand for further learning opportunities, not only in the remote learning environment but upon the return to the classroom setting. By implementing Games – based learning opportunities to be completed at home, the pupils will receive real time feedback and will also encourage a competitiveness within the class given the points based system that is introduced, with the winner being identified at the end of the lesson.

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