Seonaid Herdman

Primary Teacher

Newmains Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

Modelling Success Criteria in the Classroom


The subject of this enquiry was decided in a mixed group of secondary and primary teachers. Collectively we discussed that an area of interest was the impact of modelling the success criteria and how using a stimulus can have an impact on the pupil’s creativity and originality. We shared how it was a common occurrence that pupils copied each other’s work or just tried to recreate the stimulus.

John Hattie argues the importance of providing a learning intention. He comments that it allows pupils to have the same idea as their teacher, recognise what is going on in the classroom, and what learning is going to take place. (Hattie, 2015) It is clear from undertaking some professional reading and from my own experience, the significance of providing learning intentions and success criteria’s for children in the classroom.

Douglas (2019) states that utilizing a stimulus to introduce your lesson is a way of generating interest and enthusiasm whilst removing the fear of getting it wrong. However as will be discussed later in the enquiry, it may also be a hindrance to creativity and individuality in pupils work. (Kohn & Smith, 2011) As a group, we opted to assess the children’s creativity when a stimulus is used and the success criteria is modelled vs when it isn’t across different areas of the curriculum. Our group findings will be gathered and analysed in our next meeting.

Being a probationer, the importance of undertaking in professional development is core to progression and growth of our own practice. Through researching and implementing policies, assessing and reflecting has benefits on how we teach and how it impacts the children’s learning.


The aim of this enquiry was to review the effects of pupil’s creativity and outcomes of work when a stimulus is present vs not present against the success criteria. For the purpose of the enquiry, literacy was picked as the main focus involving a block of taught writing lessons within a primary 6 class.

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