Shannon Murphy

Primary Teacher

St Aidan's Primary

  • Digital Learning: Health & Wellbeing

Will the introduction of a weekly mindfulness journal promote individual self-regulation in primary aged children?


The change in routine, remote learning and being away from their friends and families has impacted on the lives of young learners which can be detrimental to their health and wellbeing. Due to the global pandemic the local authorities have expressed a need for health and wellbeing to be at the centre of the pupils learning. The Covid-19 recovery plan for health and wellbeing from the local authorities School Improvement Plan template suggests that to support the mental, social, emotional and physical health of all children and school staff should be a priority. Therefore, as a group we thought it important to devise an enquiry that would support the health and wellbeing of primary school children during this uncertain time.  


The aim of this practitioner enquiry was to find out whether introducing a mindfulness journal into the daily life of primary school children would promote self-regulation of their emotions. Self-regulation is about being able to control your own behaviour and emotions which young children can find challenging. “Selfregulation is a multifaceted construct that includes emotion regulation, behaviour regulation, and executive functioning/control” (Kim et al, 2012, cited in Acar et al, 2019).  Introducing the mindfulness journal along with mindfulness strategies would give the children the opportunity to connect with their emotions and recognise strategies that potentially could help to regulate those emotions if necessary. 


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