Shendl Henderson

Primary Teacher

Newmains Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Using Microsoft Teams meetings to increase children’s engagement with digital learning


Giving the current situation we find ourselves in with regards to a global pandemic, no one could have predicted just how valuable technology would be in supporting home- schooling during lockdown, nor how quickly schools would need to adapt their practice.  Schools have had to use digital technology to set and review independent learning, to share resources and activities and to maintain face to face contact through video calls and live teaching sessions. It was hoped that with daily check-ins as well as a weekly check-in would increase engagement by connecting not only myself with my pupils, to share resources and activities to maintain face to face contact through video calls and live teaching sessions.  

Faustmann et al, 2019, explains that digital learning platforms have become the learning environment that connects teachers and learners (two-sided) so that they can interact with each other.  To provide specific teaching and/or teaching concepts in combination with technology tools that supports the entire or parts of the learning process.  Parson and Taylor (2011), states that students learn best when they are engaged in the learning process, therefore engagement is an important factor in any situation where learning is the intended outcome.   

As a school and a priority within our School Improvement Plan,  we value the use of digital technology and are committed to providing ICT curriculum to our learners as well as using digital technology to enhance learning throughout the curriculum in line with CfE and Education Scotland guidance.   

As detailed in Enhancing Learning and Teaching by Digital Technology, A Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy for Scotland, 2016, digital technology can make a substantial contribution to this improvement agenda by enriching education across all areas of the Curriculum for Excellence. If used effectively and appropriately, digital technology can enhance learning and teaching, equip our children and young people with vital digital skills and crucially, it can lead to improved educational outcomes.  

Due to Covid -19 pandemic, moving to an era of online digital learning, the use of digital learning and digital skills have become more important than ever before.   The pupils and I within the school have a need to be more digitally literate to be able to access high quality learning and teaching.   


The main aim for this Practitioner Enquiry was as follows: 

  • to increase engagement through Microsoft Teams by organising weekly catchups.  
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