Sheryll Armstrong


Our Lady's High, Motherwell

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Using the Kahoot! Platform to encourage pupil engagement during the period of online learning


The rationale behind this enquiry is largely influenced by the compulsory migration to online learning due to the current national lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to provide students with stimulating and effective digital lessons is only productive if the students are participating in the online learning to begin with. Lucas, et al (June 2020) report that less than half of students in schools in England were submitting work, and generally not making the same progress expected in spring 2020 compared to previous years. Thus, boosting engagement is one of the key factors in preparing an adequate online learning experience for all learners. The popular online platform Kahoot! is one of the many interactive resources already widely used and enjoyed by teachers and students (Plump and LaRosa, Feb 2017), and so incorporating this type of teaching resource into online learning as a plausible remedy for non-engagement is logical.
All practitioners agreed that Kahoot! quizzes have become a staple of lessons over the last year, particularly with the younger students. Including a Kahoot! quiz as part of their online lessons gives the opportunity for formative assessment during remote learning, as the students are given immediate feedback and their performances are relayed to the teacher. The competitive element brings an extra incentive to the lesson, where the students can feel accomplished in their learning. These many sentiments are confirmed by Licorish, S.A. et al (2018).


The aims of this enquiry were:

  • To explore the effectiveness of using the Kahoot! platform to encourage pupil engagement during the period of online learning
  • To compare the change in pupil engagement as a direct result of using Kahoot! in daily online lessons, against previous online lessons where the Kahoot! platform was not used,
  • To gather information about the effectiveness of using Kahoot! as a tool for learning and teaching to influence my future teaching methods and pedagogies.
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