Siobhan Docherty

Primary Teacher

St. Augustine's Primary

  • Digital Learning: Methodologies

The use of digital platforms, such as Sumdog on learner’s engagement


The current context in schools relating to the COVID-19 pandemic has meant educators have been required to adapt their practice during school closures. According to Covell (2010), pupils who are engaged with school and learning are more likely to develop the appropriate academic and social values which are vital to a successful adulthood. Furthermore, high levels of engagement may encourage emotional and educational resilience. One of the ways in which educators may seek to maintain engagement is using digital learning apps. Apps that are designed with the principles of active, engaging, meaningful and social learning in mind can marry elements of free play with the advantages of direct teaching (Hirsh-Pasek et al.,2015). Educational math apps delivered on touch-screen tablets offer an opportunity for individualized math practice targeted to children’s needs (Outhwaite, Faulder, Gulliford and Pitchford, 2019). For the purposes of this enquiry, I will focus on the use of SumDog daily.


The aim of this enquiry was to measure the impact of the use of SumDog within a Primary 6 class and whether this would increase the pupils’ engagement with new math concepts throughout the period of school closures. Additionally, it was hoped that there would be a visible increase in attainment in maths across the class.

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