Siobhan Grady

Primary Teacher

St. Patrick's Primary, Shotts

  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

The impact of a checklist used to self-assess literacy during online learning


Assessment is a vital part of teaching and learning, this is emphasised in Building the Curriculum 5. This enables teachers to support their classes in moving forward and reaching the desired goal whilst detecting any areas that may need to be revised (Scottish Government, 2011). Shirley Clark (2006) highlighted formative assessment should be carried out with the involvement of the learning intention and success criteria. Expectations should be made clear throughout and steps on how to achieve this. Our enquiry used this focus of a checklist which was directly linked to the success criteria. This ensured the children to have a step-by-step process of how to achieve the learning intention.


This enquiry aimed to assess whether the introduction of checklists directly linked to the success criteria within literacy would impact the quality of work produced. Checklists are known to be useful in the classroom, this enquiry intended to identify if it would be beneficial to pupils whilst at online learning, or if they need to be supported by the teacher to fill this out.

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