Sophie Duncan

Primary Teacher

Hilltop Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

The Impact of Live Meetings on Pupil Engagement on Teams


Within the teaching professional all practitioners are required to meet that Standards for Full Registration as outlined by General Teaching Council Scotland (GTCS, 2012). In order to achieve full registration probationers are required to meet these including standard 2.3.2 Have knowledge and understanding of the importance of research and engagement in professional enquiry (GTCS,2012).  Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic it was announced that schools would be closed after the Christmas break and learning would move to online platforms. This was a great opportunity to engage in a professional enquiry and analyse the impact of live meetings through a remote setting. During this time of online learning it was evident that schools were expected to increase engagement and motivation of pupils for online learning. The guidance given by Education Scotland (2021) discussed the importance of teachers adapting their teaching to promote engagements. Practitioners also still had a responsibility to ensure the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child were still being met including Article 28 which discusses the issue of children having the right to quality education (UNICEF, 1992). Within the Remote Learning Guidance there is a great deal of emphasis put on the importance of ‘live’ learning to provide quality education as it stated that ‘children and young people are entitled to a balance of live learning and independent activity’ (Education Scotland, 2021, p.3). Therefore, it was agreed that this enquiry would endeavour to research the impact of live lessons as this had been so widely encouraged by education authorities and the British media during school closures. 


The aim of this enquiry was to explore the impact of live Microsoft Teams meetings on pupil engagement. Although engagement can be tracked in a variety of ways the main focus of this enquiry was to investigate pupils’ engagement with their assignments. 

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