Sophie McGinness

Primary Teacher

St. Teresa’s Primary School

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when I introduce self-assessment checklists in my class?


Self-assessment is a self-regulatory proficiency that is powerful in selecting and interpreting information in ways that provide feedback. There are two major aspects of self-assessment: self-appraisal and self-management (Paris & Winograd, 1990). It is a key element in formative assessment because it involves students in thinking about the quality of their own work rather than relying on their teacher (Heidi Andrade & Anna Valtcheva). It is a process which students collect information about their own performance or progress; compare it to explicitly stated criteria, goals, or standards; and revise accordingly. As such, the purposes of self-assessment are to identify areas of strength and weakness in one’s work in order to make improvements and promote learning. Zimmerman and Schunk (2004) believe that the primary purpose of engaging students in careful self-assessment are to boost learning and achievement, and to promote academic self-regulation, or the tendency to monitory and manage one’s own learning. During this year, I have experienced pupils who are unmotivated to complete tasks therefore I felt that the use of a self-assessment check list would be beneficial as it has been proven that self assessment can promote achievement (Paris & Cunningham, 1996).


The aim of this enquiry was to see what happens when I introduce self-assessment checklists in my classroom focussing on Maths. One of the aims on this enquiry was to try and motivate children to complete their work. Many pupils in my class do not complete their maths work therefore the enquiry was to help improve the child’s pace to encourage pupils to work quicker. The other aim of the enquiry was for children to check over their work before completion. I had also selected a focus group, this group of children in particular was selected because of their slower pace of work.

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