Sophie Morrison

Physical Education

Chryston High

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When Pupils Set Their Own Targets in the Classroom?


Raising achievement has been and still is a key focus within Scottish Education (The Scottish Government, 2010). Duffield et al (2010) state that target setting is a way for practitioners to highlight success and achievement within their classroom. Teachers carry out target setting successfully in a number of different ways, such as having conversations and setting goals with pupils, thus, allowing pupils to take more responsibility for their own learning and gain a deeper understanding of assessment within the classroom. Therefore, it is important for pupils to be active learners and set their own targets at the beginning of each lesson and/or block of work; in order to encourage learners to be resilient and determined. This allows them to strive to meet their target and then be able to reflect on how they have been successful and if not, why not (Brekeelmans, Sleegers and Frase , 2000).


The aim of this small-scale is to investigate the impact of pupils setting their own targets within the classroom and if it has a positive impact on their learning.

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