Stephanie Lynn

Primary Teacher

Dunrobin Primary

  • Transitions

What happens when I introduce music as a technique to facilitate transitions?


To plan for effective teaching it is important for teachers to consider the time it take pupils to settle and become ready to learn, as some students can take a few minutes to get ready for a lesson. If this were to happen each transition, up to half an hour or more could be lost to settling or getting ready each day (Rogers, 1998). Building the Curriculum 5 (Scottish Government, 2011) highlights the importance of effective transitions, to maintain progression through the Curriculum for Excellence. The document discusses how vital transitions from stage to stage are, as well as everyday transitions in the classroom. Research supports using music with young children for improving or enhancing communication, academic, motor, sensory, social, and emotional skills. Therefore, it was hypothesized that transition time between activities would decrease and run more smoothly when pre-planned songs were used to prepare and support young children of forthcoming change (Register and Humpal, 2007).


The aim of this enquiry was;

  • To determine the impact music has on transition times and
  • To determine if the type of music has an impact on the children’s readiness to learn.
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