Steven McGill

Primary Teacher

St Edward's Primary School

  • Bloom's Taxonomy

What is the impact of the use of Bloom’s Taxonomy when questioning pupils?


As educational practitioners, it is our responsibility to help bridge the attainment gap in learning that is seen across schools today. One way to do this within a classroom environment is to engage with those whom we are teaching, moreover to try and understand their own thinking of what it is they are learning. ‘Clear alignment of educational objectives with local, state, and national standards is a necessity’ (Orey, 2010: 44). Implementing Bloom’s gave the lessons added purpose and meaning, whilst encouraging children to deepen their own learning.


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate the effects of using Bloom’s Taxonomy questioning within literacy, more specifically within reading. Bloom’s Taxonomy was also implemented across the curriculum with the expectation that children would become familiar with the language and become more independent in their ability to complete tasks.

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