Stuart Broadfoot

Primary Teacher

Cambusnethan Primary School

  • Bloom's Taxonomy

What happens when I introduce Bloom’s Taxonomy to set appropriate challenge?


“Each child is unique and there is no set level of wellbeing that children should achieve. Each child should be helped to reach their full potential as an individual” (GIRFEC). The eight wellbeing indicators highlight the areas that all young people need support in. The introduction of Blooms Taxonomy to the classroom allows each child in the class to be supported through these indicators. Through using Bloom’s Taxonomy each child will be challenged and monitored so they can achieve in learning new skills and new activities. Each child’s thoughts and needs are respected and decisions on their learning will involve them. Also, each child will be responsible for challenging themselves at the appropriate level and responsible for looking after and using school resources properly and finally each child from the class will feel included in each activity used within Bloom’s taxonomy. This is important to implement as a probationer teacher as it allows the practitioner to use appropriate questioning to challenge the children appropriately and scaffold their knowledge in different areas of the curriculum. It allows the children to engage with new fun resources that help support their learning. Bloom’s Taxonomy was chosen after it was identified that challenging all learners, specifically the highly able children, was a target made during mentor meetings for myself personally. Also the practitioner enquiry group identified this as an area that interests us and would help improve teaching practice for the group’s own teaching skills. Moreover, it allowed the children to engage in new teaching methods that could challenge them to their own individual ability and so they would enjoy learning.


The aim of this enquiry was to plan and develop resources that challenged all the children in a Primary 2/3 class at the appropriate level. The children were challenged to develop higher order thinking skills to answer different types of questions. Also, it was my aim to investigate how the children responded to using different types of resources to challenge them within Literacy and Maths. The overall aim was to introduce Blooms Taxonomy and set appropriate challenge and to record data that showed the effects of using the approach.

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