Stuart Hazell


Coatbridge High

  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

What happens when exit tickets are used in the online classroom?


Assessment is defined as a range of activities, performed by both teachers and pupils, to gather information about pupil’s progression with the learning so that changes can be made, if necessary, to help them succeed (Black and William, 1989). William (2006) expands on this, stating that assessment must therefore be used to help mould students learning, which Bloom (1969) states can only happen if the information collected from assessment is used to make specific adjustments to the learning to benefit the child. Teachers must therefore be aware of the needs of the child, gathered from the assessment, and make use of it to adjust the learning to help them progress.

Building the Curriculum 5 states that teachers must use a variety of assessment approaches to gather sufficient evidence and that students must be involved to ensure they are taking ownership of their own personal development (Scottish Government, 2011). Therefore, it is the responsibility of the teacher to implement a variety of meaningful and engaging strategies for students, who are then responsible for evaluating themselves and their learning through formative assessment. This allows for evidence to be gathered to help shape the direction of pupils learning and teaching taking place in the classroom.

Although formative assessment that happens face to face with pupils can be effective in terms of establishing where pupils are with their learning, this does not ensure that it will be the same when used in an online environment (Goldstein & Behuniak 2012). If the assessment is done online correctly then it can engage both pupils and teachers with assessment which will provide quicker feedback (Bajzek et al, 2008). However, Smith (2007) states that it can become irrelevant if students do not choose to engage with the work and assessment given to them by the teacher. This further justifies that the students must take responsibility for their own learning if the evaluations are to become effective.

This inquiry will therefore take place to evaluate the effectiveness of doing formative assessment via remote learning, which will have an impact on learning and teaching practice, as well as allow for self-reflection on its effectiveness. The inquiry will examine the use of Exit Passes during remote learning and their effectiveness in gaining feedback from pupils to help promote self-reflection and progression in learning and teaching.


The aim of this inquiry is to investigate the effectiveness of using a digital Exit Pass, within an online secondary Drama classroom, as a means for formative assessment on the pupils own learning and evaluation of the next steps of their learning.

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