Susan McLaughlin

Home Economics

St. Andrew's High

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Using an Exit Pass as a Self-assessment Protocol in the Classroom


Formative assessment is defined as the building blocks that is used to gage student learning and engagement in the classroom (Sadler, 1989). The effectiveness of this framework, to promote pupil lead learning in the classroom, is based on self and class reflection on their learning and understanding. From this self-evaluation, pupils and teachers evaluate both progress and any necessary support needed to guide them into the next stage of learning (William, 2010).

There are many strategies that can be implemented in the classroom to help pupil assessment, such as group discussion, question and answer, quizzes, exit passes etc. (Laveault and Allal, 2016).

Personal experience in the classroom was the basis of our groups’ decision to conduct a practitioner enquiry on the use of exit passes in the classroom. From group discussion we identified the use of feedback being a key factor in understanding the teaching and learning process (William, 2010). Due to the group having different sectors and subjects we chose to enquire regarding the effect of Exit Passes in the classroom, motivating pupils in their learning.


This Enquiry aims to evaluate what, if any, impact using exit passes has on the learning and understanding in an S1 Home Economics theory and practical cooking class over a series of 4 lessons and the start of a new unit of work.

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