Susan Miller

Primary Teacher

Old Monkland Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When Core Targets are Regularly Referred to Prior to Literacy Lessons in Class?


The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) is very clear about the need for teachers to become reflective practitioners. In their document ‘The Standard for Career-Long Professional Learning: supporting the development of teacher professional learning’ (2012), we are informed that teachers will be part of systems which will support professional development for the duration of their teaching careers and it also sets the expectation that teachers will continue to develop their own learning and practice in the profession. In this same document the forward looking vision of the Scottish Government suggests that enquiring practitioners are essential in Scotland’s schools to ensure a successfully operating education system and positively lead the way in new educational practices.

North Lanarkshire Council uses Writing Success Criteria (Literacy Base, 2012), also known as core writing targets to support writing across all genres (See Appendix 1 for a full list of 2nd level core writing targets). I have noticed that many children in my class are forgetful when it comes to ensuring that basic core writing skills are met during their daily writing. When asked what aspects of their writing have been missed, many pupils are able to self-correct their work, but when asked to produce a piece of writing without consciously considering core writing skills, many fail to include basic capital letters and full stops in their work. My hunch was that by regularly referring to the children’s stage specific core writing targets prior to literacy lessons, these basic writing requirements would transfer more regularly into daily writing. I undertook an enquiry to see what happened.


The aim of this enquiry is to question what happens when North Lanarkshire’s core writing targets are regularly referred to prior to literacy lessons. This enquiry will focus on work produced in daily writing jotters.

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