Susanne Gow

Primary Teacher

Holytown Primary School

  • Cooperative Learning

What happens when the role of the reporter is introduced at the end of co-operative learning tasks?


According to Dundee Educational Psychology Service, “Action research involves individuals or groups researching some aspect of their own practice or environment in order to bring about improvement. It can facilitate progress and encourage deeper reflection and understanding at both practitioner and whole-provision levels.” Therefore, by conducting my own research, I hope to improve my teaching practice.

Most teachers use collaborative learning in some form or another in their classroom. How this is conducted varies considerably. I wanted to understand one small area of this learning strategy to find out if this would make my teaching practice more effective. I was keen to explore and understand the use of collaborative learning in encouraging high levels of pupil participation, leading to increased attainment.   I intended to do this by carrying out a small change to my teaching practice and then bringing my findings together with teachers, from both primary and secondary sectors, conducting similar research,


The aim of the practitioner enquiry was to discover the effects of collaborative learning roles on pupils in the classroom and how this impacted on their learning and engagement levels. The focus was to discover the impact of assigning the role of the reporter at the end of a group task and how this influenced the engagement of pupils during the lesson.

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