Suzanne Mooty

Primary Teacher

St. Edward's Primary

  • Transitions

What happens when I introduce music as a technique to facilitate transitions?


“It is important that transitions be smooth and move children quickly from one activity to another if student engagement, which typically plummets during transitions, is to be maintained.” (Goodman, L. 1990). Every teacher, regardless of the stage they teach, has to deal with transitions both within the classroom and from the classroom to other areas of the school or school grounds. Maranzo, Gaddy and Foseid (2005) emphasised that, if not managed well, these can translate into less learning time, particularly for students who have difficulty focusing. Reynolds (2005) believes that playing music in the background of the classroom brings focus and settles the energy that comes in with children from the playground. Following extensive research, my group members and I agreed that music could be an effective technique to facilitate transitions within our own classrooms.


The aims of this enquiry are:

  • To conclude whether music can facilitate transitions from the playground to the classroom.
  • To conclude whether the style of music has an impact on transitions from the playground to the classroom.
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