Suzanne Sinclair

Primary Teacher

Greenhill Primary

  • Cooperative Learning

The Use of Think-Pair-Share Within the Classroom


All good teachers use strategies to teach their students. Think-Pair-Share is easy to use within a planned lesson, but is also an easy strategy to use for spur-of-the-moment discussions. This strategy can be used for a wide variety of daily classroom activities such as concept reviews, discussion questions, partner reading, brainstorming, quiz reviews, topic development, etc. Think-Pair-Share helps students develop conceptual understanding of a topic, develop the ability to filter information and draw conclusions, and develop the ability to consider other points of view. Cooperative learning has been extensively studied and been shown to have many benefits for learners (Lujan & DiCArlo, 2006); (Cortright et al, 2005); (Reinhart, 2000). Think pair share inherently increases wait time after students are posed with a question (McTighe & Lyman, 1988). It has been shown to get more students involved and gives teachers a valuable form of formative assessment.


The aim of this enquiry is to assess the effect of using think pair share strategy upon learning within the primary classroom.

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