Tara Procter-Kinlin


St Aidan's High

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Using the Kahoot! Platform to encourage pupil engagement during the period of online learning


This enquiry aims to establish whether we can increase engagement during online learning. During this challenging time for everyone in the school community, engagement during the first online period mentioned above was well below expectations and, in response to this, increasing engagement has been at the forefront of in school training in case online learning resumed. One of the key reasons behind this drive was the understanding that pupils have lost a significant amount of time in school already and this has impacted their academic and social progression (Wong, 2020). The key question underpinning this therefore: How can we make sure pupils are online and able to access the work? Not only this, responses from the parent council also suggested that they wanted to see an increase in the variety of tasks for pupils to keep them on track to avoid falling behind in the following academic. In a wider context, one of the outcomes of St Aidan’s School Improvement Plan (SIP) is ‘Improve the effectiveness of digital learning for staff and pupils across the school’ by ‘Increased levels of pupil engagement with digital learning’. Undertaking this study therefore aims to address these issues within the relevant timescale set out in their SIP.


The aim of this enquiry was to determine whether using the Kahoot! platform increases pupil engagement during online learning. I sought to gain whole class engagement and to assess whether this, in turn, leads to an increase of work completion.

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