Thomas King


Kilsyth Academy

  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

Using online exit passes to raise attainment through self-assessment


Exit passes are a flexible formative assessment tool that give the class teacher insight into how well their pupils understand a topic or concept. Feedback from exit passes can be used to inform future teaching and enhance pupil learning (McRea 2019). In my own practice, I have used exit passes regularly during face-to-face lessons. However, in the age of Coronavirus and remote learning, exit passes must be adapted if they are to be used in a virtual learning environment. I decided to examine the use of virtual exit passes as a means of self-assessment for learners in a remote learning environment. Self-assessment can be hugely beneficial to pupils as it allows them the opportunity to identify what they are doing well and what steps they need to take to improve. Black and William (1998) states that for formative assessment to be effective, pupils should engage in regular self- assessment as this will give them deeper understanding of a lesson’s learning intentions, their own progress in relation to these and the steps they need to take to meet them.


The aims of this enquiry were as follows:

  1. To establish whether using virtual exit passes in a remote learning environment, had any effect on a group of pupil’s learning and engagement.
  2. To measure the impact of giving pupils the opportunity to reflect on their learning and self-assess.
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