Thomas Taylor

Modern Studies

Airdrie Academy

  • Assessment For Learning

Exploring the Effects of Using a Desk-Based Traffic Light System in the Classroom


Assessment is an essential component of all learning and teaching as it is the means through which both pupil and teacher can gauge a learner’s progress and plan an appropriate learner journey to access their potential. Formative assessment is defined as such, as it must use feedback to inform and modify learning and teaching as stated by Black and William (1998). Formative assessment takes many forms from use of effective questioning, providing thorough feedback, as well as engaging in peer and self-assessment, Taras (2010). At the very foundation of all formative assessment is assessing the impact of teaching on pupil progress as well as identifying the gaps in a learner’s understanding to help direct them towards bridging said gaps, Vygotsky (1978). Assessment is For Learning strategies (AiFL) also have a part to play when it comes to the Scottish curriculum with the focus of ‘Getting It Right For Every Child’, as they can provide a subtle means to differentiate learning and teaching in order to be inclusive to all pupils. There are those who suggest that a subtle approach to differentiation, accepting difference as opposed to spotlighting it, is the best way to be an inclusive practitioner, Riddlle (2009)


To assess the effectiveness of a desk-based traffic lighting system in relation to pupil confidence.

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