Toni Harris

Primary Teacher

Mossend Primary

  • Digital Learning: Health & Wellbeing

The effect of online feedback on pupil’s confidence in Literacy work


Confidence during Literacy is something that the children in my classroom have always struggled with, in particular writing. During remote learning I had noticed that the quality of the Literacy work being handed in online was not the same as the quality of work produced in the classroom. In addition, the number of children engaging with Literacy work – Taught Writing in this case – was not as significant as other areas of the curriculum. Hence, the interest of the connection between online feedback and confidence in Literacy work. Hardavella et al. (2017) highlight the relationship between effective feedback and pupil’s competence and confidence in work as it helps bridge the gap between their perceived performance and the performance sought after. Therefore, comparing the children who engaged with online feedback versus the children who did not was of interest, in particular to see if the children’s quality of work was impacted based on their confidence.

The aims of this enquiry are to:

Investigate the effect live feedback has on confidence during Literacy.

Investigate if live feedback effects the quality of work produced.

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