Vicky Emmerson

Primary Teacher

Dykehead Primary

  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

Providing Audio Feedback in the Digital Learning Environment


Raising the educational achievement of children in Scotland has been the driving force of the Attainment Challenge brought forward by the Scottish Government in 2015 (National Improvement Hub, 2021). A key part of attainment is the ability of teachers to give effective feedback in the classroom (Coles, N, 2019). Questions were raised within the group from the outset as to whether effective and accessible feedback was possible within the digital learning environment. Considering factors such as emerging readers, parental involvement/support and children with special education support needs we began looking at methods that were more inclusive. As Williams (2020) points out, feedback is an important and widely debated topic within education, this led our group to believe that it would be even more so in the digital learning environment. The Moderation Cycle has feedback as one of the eight central pillars of the learning and teaching sequence (Education Scotland, 2018). Furthermore, Chapman (2021) argues that we must be open to new ways of seeing and instilling feedback in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. As teachers we have a duty within the standards for registration to develop trusting relationships within our classrooms, much of which is possible due to good communication between teacher and pupil. The Coronavirus Pandemic has brought about a huge number of challenges within the education system in Scotland, not least of all the health and wellbeing of pupils (Chapman, 2021) and the ability to communicate effectively with them. In this way, as a group it was hoped that by providing more accessible feedback in the form of audio recordings or by allowing the child to use Immersive Reader this would lessen the difficulties that written feedback might cause.


The aim of the enquiry was three-fold. To find out how children would act upon feedback if it were done in a more accessible form, what impact that feedback would have upon pupil’s confidence and progress given the current climate of remote learning and lastly to assess pupils’ responses to verbal feedback.

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