Victoria Rodger

Primary Teacher

Wishaw Academy

  • Growth Mindset

What happens when the teacher uses praise for effort in the classroom?


Through an interest in growth mindset and the work of Carol Dweck, it was decided an enquiry into the use of praise for effort in the classroom would be conducted to see what effect it would have on pupils’ work ethic during maths. Growth Mindset encourages children to have a more positive mind frame. Dweck (2014) states that “…praising the process that kids engage in: their effort, their strategies, their focus, their perseverance…” is far more effective than simply praising achievement or correct answers. If the children are congratulated and their effort is celebrated then they will feel confident, valued and equally important and their contributions and participation in lessons will increase.


The aim of this enquiry was to discover what effect praising pupils’ for their effort as opposed to achievement, had on their work ethic and motivation in the classroom.

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