William Whittaker


Coatbridge High

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when exit passes are used in the class?


The principles of formative assessment as a teaching methodology have had a transformative effect on teaching practice. One of the key principles of the methodology is self-regulation. This is the ability of a learner to control themselves and self-reflect, leading to improved performance (Nicol & Macfarlane-Dick, 2006).

Exit passes are used to encourage reflection and allow for the communication of first hand pupil experience and offer qualitative data to the teaching practitioner (Marzano, 2012). Through asking different questions on the exit passes throughout the enquiry an attempt was made to gauge the pupils own opinion on their performance, effort, concentration and motivation level during each lesson.


The aim of this enquiry was to explore the use of exit passes and their effect on children’s learning in the classroom environment.

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