Zahrah Tayyub

Primary Teacher

Golfhill Primary

  • Digital Learning: Health & Wellbeing

Using mental health check-ins to increase engagement during remote teaching


Adaptability in the teaching profession remains a key driver to successful teaching and learning. During the global pandemic, this skill has been of vital significance, from all stakeholders (Smith, 2021). The move from classroom to remote teaching brings with it a plethora of challenges. One of these is the concern of pupil engagement. Children accessing their learning remotely may undoubtedly face challenges such as lack of technology or conflict in home environments (Rotas and Cahapay, 2020). Using a frequent health and wellbeing check-in is important to become aware of a child’s state of mental health (Smith, 2021). This allows a practitioner to provide support for the child to access their education.  


Through conducting this enquiry, the state of a child’s mental health and engagement of tasks at various stages of remote learning will be established. Interventions implemented from a practitioner will be analysed. These interventions include phoning parents, offering technical support, discussing a pupil’s learning via a one-to-one video call with the teacher and the family to address concerns, and offering alternative learning material. The impact and effectiveness of this support will also be explored.  

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