Zara Weir

Primary Teacher

Logans Primary

  • Digital Learning: Methodologies

What happens when I use Microsoft Forms to assess learning in Numeracy?


Assessment for learning is fundamental to the growth and development of children. If they understand what they are trying to achieve, where they currently are in their own learning and how they are going to achieve learning aims, then they will become more motivated as learners (Bartlett, 2015). In considering this, formative assessment can prove to be a powerful tool to drive learning and explore pupil progress. Furthermore, embedding assessment for learning, children need to see value in what they are doing and for assessment to be relevant to their daily practice.

“Flipped learning environments must be flexible learning environments that educators and students can regulate at will,” (Aydin et al, 2021). Pupils learn best when they are given feedback and can evaluate them. In this regard, using an online platform to ensure children benefit from feedback is more important than ever. My group and I decided it would be worthwhile to observe pupil discussion during live check-ins each week to gain an understanding of whether feedback was useful to them. The numeracy Form was different each week dependent on the task to ensure it linked in with the progression of the children’s learning.

As a group, we discussed challenges experienced through teaching and learning in our digital classrooms. A common challenge we pinpointed as a group was how to ensure children gained meaningful feedback. Therefore, this practitioner enquiry focused on how using Microsoft Forms provided feedback for children to enhance their learning. For assessment to function formatively, the results have to be used to adjust teaching and learning (Black and Wiliam, 1998). This therefore can positively impact the motivation if learning is adjusted to suit the learners.


This enquiry aimed to identify if using Microsoft Forms gave useful information for providing next steps in numeracy and if it was an appropriate way to improve assessment information to make it more detailed for children.

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