Zoe Williams

Primary Teacher

Baird Memorial Primary School

  • Cooperative Learning

To what extent do cooperative group roles increase pupils’ participation in a mixed-ability group setting?


The SPRinG project carried out by Stevens and Slavin (1995) gives a list of qualities and skills that co-operative learning promotes when used effectively. These skills are “self and mutual respect, organisation, cooperation, negotiation, flexibility, compromise, delegation, accountability and leadership” (Stewart, 2014, p6). Each quality is an area that teachers to promote within a classroom and encourage pupils to fulfil. However, there is another quality that teachers try to promote and that is pupil motivation to work. Motivation can be created from nurturing these qualities and co-operative roles in a group work setting could help this process.


  • To see the extent that co-operative roles in a mixed ability group has on pupil motivation.
  • To determine if this impact on motivation can affect pupil participation in group activities.
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