This enquiry was designed to determine what happens when core targets are regularly referred to prior to literacy lessons in class. We understand that the use of core writing targets is key to successful writing across the curriculum at any stage and level. To ensure consistency in what we were measuring in this enquiry, we decided to focus on daily writing jotters, and were interested to see the impact of referring to these core writing targets more regularly.

Each member of the group chose 3-4 stage specific core writing targets from North Lanarkshire’s Writing Success Criteria to focus on during Literacy lessons. These were chosen based on the level of the pupils in our class and also on knowing the specific needs of our individual learners. Our enquiry was carried out over a 4-week period and an assessment of daily writing jotters was carried out at the beginning and end of the research period to ascertain any outcome or changes in our chosen core writing targets.

From the information and data gathered over the 4-week period, we can report that there were minimal, yet positive, changes in the quality of writing produced. For example, this the more frequent use of capital letters in appropriate places. For many, the use of the targets remained the same. Since running the enquiry, each group member has been able to introduce different methods which enable the learners in our classes to encourage the use core writing targets at whatever stage they are working at. These have included using specific core writing targets in success criteria and learning intentions, as well as introducing self and peer assessment directly relating to core writing.